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Star Boat

Another Star Boat with the same scale that was bought by customer and ended up in a window in Waxholm.

The first Star Boats were constructed in wood but are nowadays built in glass fibre and fitted with a aluminium rig. The boat is heavily overrigged and is considered very difficult to sail, as it principally needs to “re-trim the mast” after each beat. The Star Boat first raced in the Olympic Games in 1932 when Sweden caught a bronze medal and continued to be used until 2012. The models on the pictures are in scale 1:12, i.e. the model is 60cm long and approximately 1m tall. I’ve kept one for myself while the other one is decorating a window in Waxholm.

Just started the composition, time to place the hull in a building jig to ensure that everything becomes straight.

This Star Boat is decorating my own home in Täby.

Star Boat, scale 1:12 under construction.