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Endeavour, scale 1:80 under construction, time for all the details on the deck as well as the rig and sail. The model has double planking and the deck can be formed in various material. The original had a Teak deck.

This beauty in the J-class was constructed by Charles Nicholson and challenged Harold Vanderbilt’s Rainbow during America’s Cup 1934. Endeavour did however recieve quite a beating, even though she was quicker. For many years, she rested and faded away in a hangar on the Isle of Wight, England. The boat was discovered at the end of the 1980s by Elisabeth Meyer, niece to the owner of the Washington Post Katherine Graham. She restored the boat back to mint condition with the help of – amongst others – Frank Murdoch, 81 years old, who was involved in the original contruction in 1934. She was transported to the Netherlands in August of 1984 to recieve furnishings, instruments, rig etc installed. The boat is today on sale for 180m Swedish Kronor – cheaper to buy a model from Kohles Varv. See: https://www.edmiston.com/yacht-brokerage/yachts/endeavour

I have build/am building this – perhaps most beautiful boat in the the J-class – in three different sizes; scale 1:35 (large model), scale 1:50 and scale 1:80.

Endeavour scale 1:35, a large piece that requires some space…

Endeavour scale 1:80, completed, a little more manageable than the boat obove. This example lives on Kulön in Waxholm.