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Blue print from Sjöhistoriska museet (Maritime museum), Sven Thorell 1941. Not so much to go on, but with 50 years of experience goes a long way.

E-canoe, scale 1:10, 60m long.

E-canoe scale 1:10, 60cm long.

There are many variations of sail canoes; A-, B-, C-, D-, E- and IC-canoe. A- and B-canoes are primarily for juniors while C- and D-canoes are more suited for longer trips with the possibility of a relatively “comfortable” accommodation. The D-canoe is the only model that has ballast in the hull, the rest are provded with a centerboard. The IC-canoe is a pure racing machine and can reach a speed of 10 knots even on the beat. The sail canoes were popular during the 1950s and 60s and it wasn’t uncommon to meet large fleets of them out in our beautiful archipelago. Thanks to its position in the water, the sail canoes could easily navigate in shallow bays and waterways. The model on the picture is constructed from the legendary canoe builder Sven Thorell’s blue print from 1941 and is a beautiful model after the E-canoe that my father sailed on Vallentunasjön at the end of the 1940s. The model is a scale 1:10 i.e. 60cm long.