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My name is Klas Ohlsson. I’ve been buidling models ever since I was 10 years old. Now that I’ve passed 60 and after 50 years of model buidling, I would like to offer you a beautifully crafted piece of art!

Building your boat model after your wishes!

I usually build wood models and enjoy working on models from the 20th century. At Kohles Varv, unique models in low quantities – usually 10 models of each type of boat – where each model is numbered and completed after your wishes. The models are made to order and are completed at Kohles Varvs’ facilities in Täby, in other words no mass production in Asia! I sometimes work from a construction kit and sometimes from just one blue print. The models are therefore constructed professionally and are customized after your wishes. You, the client, can therefore request e.g. the color scheme and what material to use for the planking and the deck. Would you like a fitted sail or just a standing rig, a display case or a stand made from Mahogany – You Decide! A model from Kohles Varv will take approximately 3 moths to complete, depending on model. Maybe you sailed a C-Canoe in your youth and would now like a beautiful memory with that green color and with the number 43 on the sail you remember so fondly?

Repairs of older models.

I would gladly help you with repairs of your older models.

Constructed boat models.

You can see some examples of models I’ve constructed over the years and delivered to customers/friends accross Sweden under the tab “Gallery”.Here you will also see some cars from the Italian company Pocher. Unfortunately, Pocher’s factory burned down for a couple of years ago. The factory has been rebuilt, but only manufactures a few selected models – e.g. Lamborghini. The older construction kits can sometimes be found on the Internet, if you’re lucky, and I’ll gladly build any of these models as well – depending on availability.

Contact me if you want to know more.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want a model but don’t have the time, know-how or motivation to finish it yourself. Best regards, Klas. Phone: +46 709 55 80 04. Email: klas@kohlesvarv.se